Rental Management

Holiday and mid-term rental management in Malaga & Costa del Sol

Why choose REMS ?

We offer a premium property management service for demanding owners, based on 3 core principles:


The profitability of your holiday rental is key. Our best practices ensure its optimization, leading to:

Our knowledge of the market and advanced algorithm enables us to obtain optimum result on the average occupancy and daily rate.

Thanks to our efficient housekeeping teams, we do not need to block 1 day and “lose” a potential reservation after each check-out.

We also authorise reservations for a minimum of 1 day so as not to lose out on potential income from last-minute bookings or “gaps” between 2 stays.

Check our results in 2021, 2022, and 2023 in comparison with the market. 

Last year our holiday rentals outperformed the market by an average of +61% on the revenue and +22% on the occupancy.

This ability to optimize returns for our property owner clients is based on a quality-focused positioning, and has enabled us to be recognized by Airbnb as the number 1 account by sales figures in Malaga despite having fewer properties than some other rental agencies.

We also rank 1st for quality among the 10 largest agencies in Malaga, with an average rate of 4.8/5 out of 4500+ reviews on Airbnb and 8.7/10 on

From the reservation until the check-out, we take care of our guests as if they were friends in order to maintain the welcoming spirit of an Airbnb.

We personally greet each traveler, each guest has access to a personalized portal where they can find additional services, customized itineraries & special discounts agreed with all kinds of providers (activities, guide tours, restaurants, spas, etc.).

Our operational excellence and the quality of our guests’ experience have enabled us to obtain the ultimate label on Airbnb: the SuperHost status, a seal of excellence and a criteria for the most demanding travelers.

According to an Airbnb report, SuperHosts average +22% revenue compared to regular hosts for similar listing.

True all-in-one

We take care of absolutely everything: from communication and reception, to cleaning and maintenance.

Your property will stand out in the market thanks to our professional photographer and home stager, supported by our Design department.

Our marketing team will ensure the creation and broadcasting of your listing on 40+ of the most famous online travel agency, as well as our own comission-free booking site.

It will appear in 5 languages in order to attract international travellers.

We decided to use 0 subcontractors.

This costly choice in terms of human resources enables us to guarantee impeccable quality in all the services we offer you, since they are all provided by REMS employees.

The side-effect of this positioning is a higher protection of your property: we never give access to anyone who is not a REMS employee or a tenant registered with the national police. 

We have also chosen to be present with offices in every city where we operate: it helps us guarantee a true welcome and accompaniment for our guests.

Indeed, our receptionists will be delighted to welcome each traveler, to tell them what rules to follow, how to access the property, offer advice on tourist activities, and even provide refreshments and luggage storage if required.

This on-site presence also enables us to intervene very quickly when the guest wishes to be received in your property, as well as for maintenance operations, optimizing tenant satisfaction.

Our team cleans, repairs, does quarterly inventory and proceeds to any necessary improvements.

We keep a deposit for each reservation, your property is then inspected by our staff at each check-out.

If we notice any damage or theft, we would charge the corresponding amount from the deposit and proceed with the necessary repairs and replacements.

To ensure the complete delegation of your property management, we take care of:

  • Declaration of holiday rental activity.
  • Obtaining architectural compliance documents.
  • Legal guest registration with the police system.
  • Monthly and yearly rental activity reports.
  • Supply management & invoices storage.
  • Management of insurance cases.
  • Representation at legal inspections (police station for traveler registration, on-site verification of the accommodation compliance by the prefecture’s tourism audit department)
  • Meetings & communication with the community.
  • Mail retrieval.


Observe your property's rental activity from anywhere at any time through several means of communication.

You can monitor the activity of your holiday rental property in real time with our owner app:

  • Sales figures.
  • Calendar.
  • Number of guests.

Each month, you receive a complete report to follow the activity of your property with: 

  • Gross and net income in a detailed invoice.
  • Links of all your listings.
  • Statistics and guest reviews.
  • Photos and videos of eventual technical intervention.
  • Any relevant information.

Once a year, we send you a complete report of your rental’s performance.

Every quarter, we carry out an entire check of your property:

  • Full inventory.
  • Photos and videos of the current state.
  • Maintenance and repairs.
  • Recommendations from our interior designers.

Each owner has his own Property Manager and WhatsApp group assigned in order to communicate quickly and efficiently 7 days a week to a staff member who knows your property perfectly.

Our results vs. the market



Average occupancy at our properties
Average market occupancy

Thanks to our quality-focused positioning, last year our vacation rentals outperformed the market by an average of +61% on the revenue and +22% on the occupancy.


Average occupancy at our properties
Average market occupancy

Our property management in numbers

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Property Manager in Malaga according to Airbnb ranking.
0 st
Property Manager in Malaga according to Airbnb ranking.
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Average revenue difference between REMS and the rest of the market in 2022.
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Average revenue difference between REMS and the rest of the market in 2022.
Number of guests we received in 2022.
Number of guests we received in 2022.
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Travel platforms where property we manage appear.
0 +
Travel platforms where property we manage appear.

Would you like to know the potential income of your property?

We will contact you to evaluate the potential of your property.

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There are 2 main criteria for us to start managing a property:

1. Location: our operating area is Malaga city center, Torremolinos and Benalmadena.
2. Design: our guests have high standards while choosing their holiday rental. In case your property requires a renovation, our Design department can offer the best tailor-made for your Airbnb.

We apply our commission on the net income, and not on the gross income as many management companies do.
The net income corresponds to the gross income minus platform fees (Airbnb,, etc.) and cleaning fees.

Our fees are calculated individually and according to a series of factors: the location, the size, the design quality, the features (swimming pool, private rooftop, parking, etc.), and the number of properties owned.

To receive a performance forecast and a presentation of our offer, please complete this form.

We offer contracts without permanency so you can terminate the contract at any time. 

A property owner pays all the bills related to the property: water, electricity, gas, and internet bills. 

We optimize the occupancy rate and thus your income by giving the guests the possibility to rent your property from 1 to 60 nights (maximum legal period).

0 nights: we take care of the cleaning within a few hours between each check-out and check-in. This allows us to optimize your occupancy rate, and therefore the profitability of your accommodation.

The guests pay for the cleaning service and the applicable hotel tax.

Depending on the size of your property, we define a fixed price applied to each stay. This price is based on the number of spaces: bathrooms, bedrooms, terraces, hot tubs, living room, kitchen, etc.

Client Testimonials

More than seventy investors and property owners trust our service. Here are the stories of some of them:

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