Design & Renovation

Architecture & interior remodeling for holiday rentals in Malaga & Costa del Sol.

Why design with REMS ?

In order to create an attractive holiday rental for the most selective guests, we manage your project with the following benefits:

Revenue booster

Every euro invested in the design is a smart investment with multiple advantages:

Our usual guests are selective travelers who do not limit their budget when going on vacation, as long as the accommodation meets their expectations.

We have seen that the properties we design average around +45% income after the design project.

Our design projects, combined with our Property Management service, have an average of 45% annual return on investment (which corresponds to a payback period of 2 years and 2 months).

Once the design project is completed, the holiday rental can begin.

The high revenues generated by the combination of our Design and Property Management services continue in the subsequent years, making your investment highly lucrative.

The sale value of your property systematically increases after our design project and we estimate that every euro invested is doubled.

A 40.000€ design project should increase the sale value by 80.000€.

All inclusive

From the design concept, to the logistics, works and photoshoot, we take care of every step:

We prepare your design project and present visuals of your property with the simulation of every space and 3D models.

We ensure your apartment is compliant with all the requirements for tourist activity and take care of all of the paperwork related to architecture.

Once you approve our design proposal, we proceed to ordering all of the materials, furniture and decor.

We then receive the deliveries and store them until the installation phase. 

Our experienced team can renovate your property as well as install furniture and decor.

Our architects and designers supervise works to ensure that the budget, quality and delivery date established in our service contract are respected.

We conduct a professional home staging and photoshoot to best promote your property for rent or sale.

Once the project is completed, you will receive:

  • Final report with your invoice and budget details.
  • Summary of the project milestones.
  • Professional photos with the “before/after” project comparison.

Tailor-made design

Just like our clients, we have premium standards, and personalized approach to every project we handle.

For each property we create a custom design project.

We do not use a standard product list for each style, which makes our approach different from other design agencies.

We can even offer the option to create custom artwork to complement your design.

A result of our unique approach is that your property will stand out on the market. 

We usually offer 3 different styles with a detailed budget estimation for each one.

Once you select your preferred design offer, we proceed to make a detailed presentation which includes each element of the design. We appreciate and consider your opinion in order to achieve a design you would be happy with. 

If your property  has a clearly defined style, we will do our best to embrace it, only making necessary improvements.

Our specialty is the design of holiday rental properties. 

We create spaces for tourists, finding the perfect balance between aesthetics, functionality, quality, and durability.

We also introduce technology, such as smart lock systems and smart home solutions to always be on top of the latest innovations in the sector.

As we design, we consider how your property will look on the pictures and online advertisements, such as Airbnb, Booking, VRBO & TripAdvisor.

Our portfolio

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Our design service in numbers

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The value added to your property of each euro invested in design.
0 x
The value added to your property of each euro invested in design.
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Raises price per night after our design project.
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Raises price per night after our design project.
Years is the average payback period.
Years is the average payback period.

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