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Discover why we are the number 1 holiday rental manager in terms of quality according to the market analyst AirDNA.

Market analysis with

According to the rental analytics website AirDNA which “tracks the performance of 10 million Airbnb & Vrbo vacation rentals”*, we are the number 1 in Spain in terms of quality of service rated by the guests.

To establish this ranking, we collected data from the 100 largest agencies listed as top 5 in each of Spain’s 20 most visited cities for tourism.

Comparative study of the 100 largest Airbnb & VRBO hosts in Spain’s 20 main tourist cities in January 2024. Our rating is the highest among the hosts with 50+ listings and 1000+ reviews.
*Data provided by AirDNA. Please note that REMS do not hold any partnership with AirDNA.

Better management means better profit

As a result from our quality-focused positioning, in 2023 our holiday rentals outperformed the market by an average of +62% on the revenue and +23% on the occupancy.

Better management means better profit

Thanks to our quality-focused positioning, in 2023 our vacation rentals outperformed the market by an average of +62% on the revenue and +23% on the occupancy.

Why are we different?

To help better understand this vast market of holiday rental managers, we’ve compared our practices to the two most common types of professional hosts:

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Local agency Online agency
Marketing & Pricing
  • Average occupancy rate of 93%.
  • Free professional home staging & photoshoot.
  • Unique dynamic pricing algorithm.
  • Minimum of 1 night stay duration in order to optimize the occupancy when it is relevant. 
  • Average occupancy rate of 70-85%.
  • Amateur home staging & paid photoshoot.
  • Default dynamic pricing setting, rarely checked.
  • Minimum 2-3 nights stay duration.
  • Average occupancy rate of 50-75%.
  • No photoshoot.
  • Basic pricing, no monitoring.
  • Minimum 4-5 nights stay.
Guest communication
  • 24/7 guest attention.
  • 2 minutes average response time.
  • 16 languages spoken in total.
  • Personalized guest webpage with property rules and tourism recommendations.
  • 16 hours /day guest attention.
  • Random response time.
  • 2 to 3 languages spoken.
  • Basic mandatory tourist recommendation.
  • 24/7 guest attention.
  • Random response time.
  • 2 to 3 languages spoken.
  • Poor tourist recommendation.
Guest reception
  • Free late check-in.
  • Free luggage storage.
  • Our guests can be welcomed in-person at the property, at our closest office, or can opt for a self-check-in with our smart lock system.
  • Mandatory deposit and police registration. 
  • Charge 30€ for late check-in.
  • Charge extra 5€ for the luggage storage.
  • No on-site check-in: reception at the office, or self-check-in by the smart lock or via key box.
  • Online or paper police registration and cash deposit.
  • No late check-in.
  • No luggage storage.
  • No reception: offer to collect the keys in a bar, restaurant, key box or self-check in by the smart lock.
  • No control of the police registration, leading to potential fines, no deposit.
  • Cleaning & maintenance by our own in-house staff: greater security, higher efficiency & lower costs.
  • 5-star hotel quality standards.
  • Emergency maintenance within 5 to 30 minutes at low cost.
  • Turn to external suppliers, leading to low-efficiency, poor control over the property's security & higher costs.

  • Low quality standards.

  • Emergency maintenance within 1 to 3 hours at medium cost.
  • Outsourcing only, leading to poor efficiency, no security and no cost control.

  • No quality standard nor control.

  • Emergency maintenance within 2 to 6 hours at high cost.
Communication with the owner
  • Dedicated Property Manager.
  • Private chat with our team for each owner to simplify the communication.
  • No specific staff assigned.
  • Generic phone line and mailbox for property owners.
  • No specific staff assigned.
  • Generic mailbox for property owners.
  • Free premium quality linen & household products. 
  • We take care of inventory and we check it quarterly. 
  • Medium quality linen and household products, charged to the property owner.
  • Inventory purchase and installation, no recurrent checks.
  • Do not provide the linen & cleaning products. The property owner usually provides them.
  • Owners purchase the initial inventory, and there is no quality control. 
Guest experience
  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Excellent.
  • Guest satisfaction rate of 95%.
  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Acceptable: no specific focus on the guest experience aspect.
  • Satisfaction rate of ≈85%
  • ⭐️ Mediocre: no human interaction with the guests.
  • Satisfaction rate of ≈75%.
Management fees

Tailored percentage of net sales, depending on the characteristics of your property.

No extra cost for our products and services.

20-40% of gross sales (corresponds to 25-50% of the net sales).

Likely to add additional charged for the services or products provided.

15-25% of gross sales (corresponds to 19-32% of the net sales).

Additional costs for every products and services.

Financial performance

+62% above the market average in 2023. Check the market statistics.

+30% to -20% compared with the market average.

+10% to -40% compared with the market average.


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  • Property Manager: company name. 
  • Listings: number of active rentals on Airbnb. 
  • Annual change: growth of the number of active listings vs. past year. 
  • Reviews: number of reviews on Airbnb account. 
  • Average review: all time rating on Airbnb. Reflects the quality of service rated by guests.